Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oprah Poems

Today in class everyone came with a secret written down on a piece of paper. Our teacher took all the secrets and gave them out to different people. Our task now is to write a poem based on that secret. The secret given to me was "I Hate Animal." Wow. Who hates animals? Apparently this person. So I am going to share the poem I wrote and then some of the amazing poems other people wrote. It always makes me insanely curious as to which secret belongs to who. I will even put down the poem of that someone wrote about my secret! What I love is the passion in all these poems and the different interpretations from all of them

My poem

Shadows stalking shadows
Shapes of spiders and snakes
Haunt me
Are these shadows real
Or are they fake
Shifting shadows
Hulking shapes of bears and dogs
Of cats and large beasts
I run but cannot hide
All the horror of Pandora's box
has been released
Creatures that crawl
That swim
That hunt and kill
With claws and fangs
To hurt me to make me fall
To hate with a passion
For animals
I have
No compassion

Here are the other poems that I loved

My mom she's
My dad he's
and I, I'm, I'm in the middle,
Everything is
Those days of old i'd
Mom and dad hold hands and hug,
It seemed forever
Now it is over,
The colors turn
I always think I did somthing
but what?
I feel so gray

I dream about thoes days of gold,
I wonder what i was not told.
I wonder when it turned gray.

Next Poem
Letting Go

it was spring when we met,
we grew like the flowers,
we were the harmonies in the birds song.

spring melted into summer,
our laughter was the sounds of the pool,
the stars in the night sky our secrets.

summer was swept away by fall,
the cold winds quieted but did not stop our laughter,
you turned brown,
ready to join the others on the ground.

winter covered fall with whiteness,
you wanted to be comforted by the warmth of the earth,
but I wouldn’t let you fall.
I couldn’t let you go.

Poem about my secret

am afraid of the dark
I can admit it

As a small child,
My father named my new bedroom light
Sir Frances John Terrington Mariah McLark
To help me remember he was there to fight
And always conquer over the loosing dark.

As I aged,
Stuck to my walls, geometric green auras were quick to gleam
It was mother who bought me neon glowing stars
But still, it was the dark haunting me
Even more than my fear of SARS.

Years later,
I learned nothing was ever hiding in the closet
Those shadows weren’t mysterious creatures,
but just like a bank deposit,
They are just made of unique features.

Now I sit,
Ashamed of my petty fright
What a childish thing to dread
For now, when it is time for bed
The room is black, that is, except for a small corner night light

Next Poem

The girly handwriting spells it out,
A secret that no one knows about.
She sees him everyday,
Wondering if he'll ever feel that way,
Wondering if he would want to be with her,
Wondering if they could ever be together.
But only if she knew,
He has that feeling too.
The secret she refuses to tell,
Is the same he keeps as well,
But they will never know of each others' secret,
Because neither has the courage to admit it.

Final Poem

Whatever I do
It isn’t enough.
However I try
It doesn’t work out.
I just want to know
How far I must go
Before I can meet
All your expectations.

I have dreams
I have goals
I have hopes
I have wishes.
I know that I have to work hard
I know that I have to try hard
I know that the journey is hard
But when will it be good enough
For you.
I’m suffocated
I’m drowning
I can’t see the light.
I’m lost
I’m in pain
I’m fighting an uphill fight.
So how far do I need to go?
How hard do I need to try?
What do I need to do?
To please you
When will I
What will I
Need to do
To do enough.
To reach my dreams
My goals
My hopes
My wishes

Whatever I do
It isn’t enough.
However I try
It doesn’t work out.
I just want to know
How far I should go
Before I can meet
All your expectations.

Aren't these amazing

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